Announcing New Service, Review Your Store With Conversion Report

Since the beginning of developing SPO, we discovered that many users were having a very common problem,

No Sales:no_sales

Many store owners simply didn’t know what to do when their stores couldn’t get any sales. We discovered the problem had been happening on different platforms or forums like Shopify, Reddit, Quora or other ecommerce platforms. The problem has been repeated and repeated again.

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New Features Update for v1.1: Home Page Support and Simplified Liquid Code Installation

Thanks for your support of SPO. Since releasing in Mid Dec, more than 110 Shopify stores have been trying SPO to enhance SEO and Social Performance.

We have launched Terminal App to help store owners quickly share their stores on Facebook, if they just wanna have a quick share instead of playing with liquid code.

Here are some latest features update or enhancement:

  • Enhancement:
    • Auto copy of updated product title to meta title and URL handle
    • Auto copy of updated meta title, description to Facebook Share and Twitter Cards
    • Default title, description & image of all pages are set for Facebook Share and Twitter Cards in your shop, except those product pages that you have customized. You can update it in the setting page.
  • Fixed:
    • Product listing page cannot show all store products
    • Product search cannot fetch all products


Action Required

To adopt the latest features, please update your liquid code immediately. We have simplified the process since many store owners reflected they had difficulties in adding liquid code snippet on their own.

  1. Refer to the previous tutorial to remove the old codes on your ‘social-meta-tags.liquid’.
  2. Refer to the new tutorial‘s step 5-7 to configure your theme again, which is much easier now.

If you are having difficulty in changing liquid code, please contact us at

Have an opinion?

Please drop us a note via Let us know which function you think it’s useful for you!

Have a good business in 2017!

** Update on 20/1/2017 **

At the meantime we have switched our free trial plan to paid plan of $15.99 per month on 13/1/2017 (Friday). Some users may find the charge in a sudden. However we need to make a basic charge in order to continue improving the App and our service.

We would like to thank for your support during the beta test stage.

A New Year Gift – Introducing Terminal: A Web App to Enhance Facebook Sharing in a Breeze

We noticed that many Shopify store owners were having problems in Facebook share. To optimize how it looks when someone share your website, liquid code in your theme is required to change. However it may be hard for non-techie owners to change coding. So we come up with a solution for you.

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