A revamp of the SPO interface is under planning

Since Google is going to phase out 3rd party cookies to match with the latest privacy requirements, the current embedded app model is not going to work.

There are mainly 2 directions for our considerations:

  1. Shopify suggests implementing a new authentication called Session Token Authentication with the new Shopify App Bridge. SPO will implement this new auth and continue living in the Shopify admin portal.
  2. Turn SPO from an embedded app to a standalone app. A new tab will be opened when you open it from the app list. In other words, SPO will live on a new website.

Now the interface is a bit outdated and we’re considering a revamp for the interface. It’s becoming difficult to make a code change as well.

For the 1st way, it will cause a huge effort to change every part of the app. Also, it’s more technically challenging. Therefore, I’m more inclined to the 2nd way.

There is a timeline to remove a library (EASDK) we used by 1st Jan 2022. Therefore, the plan is actively undergoing. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment here or email me. I’ll definitely consolidate your opinion!

p.s. I’m writing the post so you don’t feel surprised when everything is changed suddenly

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