why you need a SEO app for your shopify store

10 Reasons Why You Need A SEO App

If you’re a Shopify store owner, you need to optimize your shop to gain a massive following that will eventually increase your conversion rate and add to your sales. 

Since the launch of eCommerce, people have grown a non-stop, insatiable hunger for dropshipping. However, after realizing that success in this field, just like in any other field, requires a steep learning curve, most of them give up. Luckily, those who stuck around and carried on despite the struggle were greatly rewarded. They just unlocked a new endeavor that blew up and became more and more profitable. 

But the story doesn’t end there. Since almost everyone sees the platform as profitable, the competition grew more vigorous. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you need to be on top of the search list, and that your listings should show up when people search for products like those you sell.

No matter how uncomplicated these things sound, they are easier said than done. The truth is, your market is ever dynamic, and they bank more on the experience they get when using the product than the thing itself. To get their attention, you must challenge their minds, touch their hearts, and tickle their funny bone. And how do you do these? By intensifying your SEO efforts. 

What Is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This involves reaching your target market, speaking to them in a language they can relate to, establishing your brand as an expert in your niche, and turning the outreach numbers into sales. It matters because it drives your sales and makes your target market patronize your offering. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a SEO App

If the reasons raised above are not enough for you to choose to invest in your SEO efforts, check these points out:

1. SEO Apps Generate Organic Traffic to your Website

No matter how great or noble your product is, it’s not going to sell if people don’t know about it. If they don’t know what wonders it does for them, you can’t push them to press that ‘Add to cart’ button. Shopify SEO and Shopify social media images can turn the situation around for you.

The right SEO effort is a product of thorough research that involves studying your target market’s profiles and buying patterns, understanding what sells to them, where they gather, what they talk about, and how to convince them to believe your product and brand. 

A Shopify SEO app like SPO can do all this legwork for you. It can gather data and information about your target market, remember these data, and suggest products based on their preferences. And because they like what they see when they’re checking, you can easily persuade them to click the link that will land them on your website.

SEO apps also identify the keywords that your target market uses when searching for products in your niche. It ensures that your website and web pages are evenly stuffed with these powerful words that will ring a bell to your buyers. 

2. SEO Apps Improve Your Rank in On-Site and Off-Site Searches

Again, if you want to sell, you need to get high-quality leads that will most likely make a purchase. But how do you influence these funneled leads to go ahead and buy? Simple. By making them look at you as an authority and expert in your niche. SEO app for Shopify feeds you with the right and product keywords and tags to use in your blog posts, listings, and product description. 

These tags and Shopify keywords are not just mere words that are related to the product you sell. Instead, these are words or phrases that your target market uses when they look or search for products like those that you sell. When you add these to your blogs and web pages, when they search within Shopify or outside of it, there’s a big chance that your product, listing, blog, or website will appear. Google will trust you more because of this. As such, they can crawl to your pages faster and establish you as a trustworthy website. This can help you land in the first few pages of Google searches. 

3. SEO Apps can Build Your Brand 

You can use the keywords feed to you by your SEO for Shopify for your outreach articles. You need to build your brand because that’s the first step in making people trust you. It’s hard to buy from someone that has a questionable or unknown reputation. Say, for instance, you’re in the personalized coffee cup-making business, and you just launched your brand. Your story may revolve around the fact that you lost your job to the pandemic, and you discovered that you have a thing for doodles and sticker-making. You mixed these interests with your love for coffee, and you came up with the personalized coffee cup idea. 

But how do you convince people to buy from your Shopify brand, considering that you’re not as established as Starbucks and other well-known coffee chains? You see, you create digital content, Shopify blog, and use the right keywords to make your story viral. Aside from the quality content, you thought of, the keywords will send the content to the hands and screens of your funneled leads and get them talking. If the content hits the right spot, it can be viral, and you won’t have a hard time selling your goods, even if it’s on the third business day. 

4. Save Your Budget From Buying an Ad Space 

SEO saves budget spending from google adwords

So, if that’s the case, what happens if you don’t have millions to spend on advertising? Will you simply accept that your competitor will win without fighting it out? If you want to close down as soon as possible, you can do that. However, if you’re going to close sales after-sales, you need to think of a cost-efficient way to advertise. And this is where SEO apps come in. With the right SEO strategy, you can be a number brand in no time. 

In traditional marketing and advertising, you need to buy space or airtime just to get noticed. You also need to come up with advertising content that will hopefully make people talk. It’s only then that you can expect to close the sales. Take note, the cost of all these advertising efforts can go as high as hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

5. SEO Apps Allow Your Audience to Visit You

Customer visiting your store

For example, you’re a new Shopify merchant, and you’re unsure about what to sell. All you know is that you want to target young professionals to buy your product. This age group makes good customers because of their decisive purchasing power. Shopify SEO can help you determine what this age group is talking about when they congregate. As you get to know more of what interests them, you can develop smart product ideas that will surely sell. As you gather feedback from them, you also get to learn what they most like and prefer. Soon, as you finalize your product, they’ll be the ones looking for you. Because you got what they need, you don’t have to sweat it up to sell. 

6. You Gain Leverage Against Your Competitors 

As you lure in more high-quality leads to your funnel, you also work in increasing your sales. And when your sales increase, you also get ahead of the competition. With every purchase, more and more people get to experience your product. If what you sell holds up to their expectation, establishing patronage and brand loyalty won’t be a problem. You will always have repeat customers who will buy what you sell. 

7. SEO Apps Improve User Experience 

Shopify, Google, and other sites want to offer the best experience to their users. This explains why the keyword you use to search Shopify and other websites often yields an exact match. When users get exact matches every time they search the website, they will have a pleasant experience using it. As a result, they will most probably continue using it in the future. This customer disposition is expected because researches suggest that site visitors often leave a website when they can’t find what they’re looking for after less than fifteen seconds of search. So, if you want people to keep visiting your Shopify store or business website, you need to use the right and optimized keywords that will match the phrases they search. 

8. They Make Site Audit Scalable

One of the most significant selling points of a SEO app is its ability to measure web vitals and every data and result yielded by any in-store and off-site activity you launch. With the results you’re getting, you can find out what works and what has to improve. Unlike traditional marketing, wherein you rely on the correlation between the marketing strategy and subsequent sales results, SEO apps show you your conversion rate and other relevant data about the methods you employed. 

9. Breaks Geographical Boundaries 

SEO apps bring whatever content you have to your target market, no matter where they are. For as long as they have an internet connection and a phone or laptop, they can access you, and you can share your brand with them. And because there are no geographical constraints, your products and services have the world as their market. This means more income possibilities for you. 

10. Increase Your Business Bottom Line 

In traditional marketing, you’ll need to spend 8 to 10% of your target sales to be able to run a successful ad campaign. And if you bring a celebrity on board, the total ad campaign cost can even skyrocket. Your product sales will also largely depend on the popularity and image of the endorser. If the latter gets caught in a scandal that can taint his reputation, you can also expect your product sales and brand integrity to go down the drain. 

You will have lesser risk when you invest in a SEO app like SPO instead. With SPO, you don’t need to hire an A-lister to market your brand and establish a following. Instead, you can simply curate cost-effective viral content stuffed with the right keywords and share the same where your target market gathers. With this strategy, you only need to invest in the app, and of course, in the content you plan to get viral. These expenditures are way lesser compared to a 5-minute advertisement on TV, print, or radio. With lesser expenses spent on marketing the product and more income from sales, you significantly improve your business bottom line.


These apps that provide structured data (JSON-LD) and other features might have you pay a certain amount as a monthly subscription, but if you look at the benefits it can give to your business, this initial spending on the app will be easily justified. So, instead of wondering whether it’s profitable to $15.99/month to fully-optimize your Shopify store, think of the many people your store can reach and the countless sales waiting for you to collect and enjoy. Indeed, $15.99 will be easy to give away and spend. 

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