What product name should I use?

3 tips about picking the right product name from hundreds of similar products

A common question about SEO is how to pick a suitable product name if I got many similar products. As a store owner, should I just copy and paste the product name or what should I do to have a good SEO result? Let me give you a tip about that.

  • It’s about the keywords you chose, not product name

A good product name will not affect SEO very much. Instead you should consider doing keyword research to find out keywords with a reasonable traffic volume but moderate competition. This way you can get constantly receive organic traffic and stand out in niches.

  • Focus 3 – 5 sets of keyword instead of 300

When we are doing SEO, we won’t focus on 100 or 200 keywords, we will very likely focus on few niche keywords. However we will try to rank in top 3 in search results for these carefully picked keywords. This can maximize your SEO efforts. One should stuff in these keywords in home page or a few important page.

  • No matter how good a product name is, it’s just a part of SEO strategy

The product name is a part to optimize your site’s internal structure. You should consider doing more linkages with other sites. For example you can ask other related blogs to feature your store. In return you can give them a sample. Or you can start your own blog to create unique content. When other potential customers find it useful, they will probably share your blog in social media. This can give you SEO juice very well in the long run.


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