Join Our Game Competition for SPO Users Now!

How are you doing in the Easter?

We are looking forward to bringing you a chocolate egg. You may find it hard to generate traffic at a low cost, not to mention converting visitors into leads. Currently we are launching our new Campaign feature to address this common issue. SPO users can create a (1) Sales Landing Page or (2) Mini Game Competiton for Free.

To test the Campaign effectiveness, we are hosting a game competition. The top user, who win others in our Memory Dots game, can enjoy 6 months free usage of SPO. The competition will be finished at 25/4/2017 23:59 GMT +8:00.


SEO is a cost effective way to drive organic traffic to your store. We believe that doing promotion campaigns like flash sales, competitions will be other effective ways.

* Note:

  1. There is no hidden fee to join this competition.
  2. The final judgement will depend on the decision of the SPO team
  3. The top user means the first user appeared on the “Shop” tab in the game leaderboard

In return we would love to hear you honest feedback, whether the feature is effective for you or not. We are committed to grow your business together with us!

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