New Feature Update v1.2: Keyword Rank Tracking for Shopify Store

Dear SPO users,

Thanks for your support to SPO. Since switching to paid plan on 13/1/2017, around 10% of our existing customers have switched to subscribe our service. Some users may find the change in a sudden. However we need to make a basic charge in order to continue improving the App and our service. We are sorry if there is any convenience caused.

We would like to thank for your generous support during the beta test stage.

At the mean time, we have launched Conversion Report. If you are having a low conversion issue, we are happy to help you with our professional review service.

Here are some latest features update or enhancement:

  • New features:
    • Keyword rank tracking for your store. You can set 1 – 5 keywords to be tracked. We’ll track whether your store appears at the top 100 when someone searches the keyword.
      * Please note that this new feature is still in beta. We need to test the stability before rolling out more. Kindly let us know if it’s useful for you.
  • Fixed:

And more are coming!

If you like our App, please leave us a review on our Shopify App Store listing page! We’ll need your support in order to continuously improve the app.

Please let us know your opinions regarding the update. We would be happy to hear from you!

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